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grapes meaning in sanskrit

grapes meaning in sanskrit

aatmakaM = consisting of aavikshita = descendent of avikshit (i.e, marutta) indrachaapa = (m) rainbow antaryutakam.h = (n) vest Lassen.] ahi = on earth aasaadya = attaining अनुपकारिणे = irrespective of return अनित्यं = temporary अनुदर्शनं = observing avakarikaa = (f) dustbin, garbage bin avyaakR^itaa = not expressed abuddhayaH = less intelligent persons hjjhjhjhjj. ambhasi = on the water aakramaNam.h = (n) attack, invansion aarambhashuura = one who shows active participation in the beginning avachinoti = to pluck Full-text (+27): Kapiladraksha, Draksharishta, Drakshaghrita, Draksharasa, Drakshasava, Drakha, Drakshavaruni, Drakshamat, Drakshavana, Mridvika, Drakshalata, Drakshaprastha, Drakshavalayabhumi, Kshudreksha, Kapishayana, Dhraksha, Drakshi, Kapilaphala, Laghudraksha, Draksharameshvara. aatmabhaava = within their hearts अनन्यभाक् = without deviation aapuryamaaNaM = always being filled aaropayati = to plant apunaraavR^ittiM = to liberation अनुत्तमा = the highest Found 0 sentences matching phrase "arm".Found in 0 ms. = Lordship aatura = anxious aalochaya = (verbal stem) consider अनुवर्तते = follows in the footsteps aarhaaH = deserving ahaN^kR^itaH = of false ego अनित्यः = nonpermanent ambhas.h = (n) water Of a dark purplish red colour. abdhi = sea argha = value asuraan.h = demons apaNDita = someone who is not a scholar aparigraha = abstention from greed, non-possessiveness abhinivesha = possessiveness aayaataH = have come amii = all those अन्तराय antaraaya = (m) obstacle aatmavashyaiH = under one's control ambhuruhaM = lotus abhiyaachanaa = (f) demand aasakta = attached Priyal also means a vine, a bunch of grapes, Butter tree (botanical name Bassia latifolia) or Common Grapevine. ashhtakavarga = A predictive method of Astrology that uses a system of points based upon planetary positions aksharaM = indestructible अधिष्ठान = seat, abode, throne aachaarya(H) = (Masc.nom.S)teacher; preceptor अनभिस्नेहः = without affection aapaH = water aarambhikaaH = beginners amanyata = believed अनिर्देश्यं = indefinite Encyclopedia Americana comments: The clone gets the name 'Kush' (कुश), Sanskrit for 'grass'. aagataH = having attained aayojakaH = (m) organiser, sponsor abhichaara = black magic aakaasha = ether asuraaNaaM = of demons arthaarthii = one who desires material gain aloluptvaM = freedom from greed अनादर = lack of respect apaavR^itaM = wide open aadaraH = (m) respect Discover the meaning of draksha or draksa in the context of Sanskrit from relevant books on Exotic India. ayasaH = (m) iron This is very usefull for Kids of Nursery and KG Class. aakarshha = attracted ashnaasi = you eat aaliN^gati = to embrace avikalpena = without division drākṣa (द्राक्ष) [or द्रांक्ष, drāṅkṣa].—and vulgar drākha f (drākṣā S) The vine, Vitis vinifera. Bhpr. अनसूयन्तः = without envy aaraadhanaM = for the worship asura = devil avidvaa.nsaH = the ignorant akshama = (adj) incapable abhi+taD.h = to strike anyatra = somewhere else aastikyaM = religiousness avaapya = achieving iti = like that ahaitukaM = without cause What is the meaning of the name Madhuri? अधिभुत = the principle of objective existence apara = other ichchha = the will अनेकवचनम् anekavachanaM = plural aatmaGYaana = knowledge of self iiksh.h = to see aaudau = in the beginning Meaning - FINDER of COWS. grape in Sanskrit translation and definition "grape", English-Sanskrit Dictionary online. abhyaasha = outskirts अनाहुत = (adj) un-invited अन्तरे antare = between ihaiva = in the present body abhiipsita = desired aphalaprepsunaa = by one without desire for fruitive result ishhTvaa = worshiping apaaraa = one who has no limits amuuDhaaH = unbewildered aapnoti = achieves aapah = water apavighnaH = without obstacles aatmaani = in the pure state of the soul At last ( অবশেষে ) I got my missing book at last. aalaya = house aatmaiva = the very mind avasannaaH = inadequate arjana = obtaining IPA: /ɡɹeɪp/; Type: adjective, verb, noun; Copy to clipboard; Details / edit ... the colour of many grapes. avidyaa = metaphysical ignorance aha = said aadyaM = original aahR^i = to eat अधिमात्र = superior aantaradeshiiya = within the country mainly for transaction?? aavR^itaH = is covered aaryaa = (f) a respected woman amR^itopamaM = just like nectar aajyaM = melted butter iishvara = lord, the capable (here) Sanskrit girl name Priyal (Sanskrit प्रियाल) literally refers bestowing pleasure. अनन्यस्वाम्यम् = (n) patent rights aaGYaa = command, iN^gate = waver apraaptat.h = uttained, obtained apamaa = comparison avakaranikara = dust, garbage aapnuyaaM = may have indriyaarthaan.h = sense objects Meaning - KING of CATTLE. E. drākṣi to desire, affix a . ashochyaan.h = not worthy of lamentation Mention of Suphala is found in the writings of lexicographers like Halayudh and Amar Singh where Suphala is a kind of brown grape. asti = (v) he is apaayinaH = disappearing Here are 16 benefits of Bhujangasana and 7 common mistakes to avoid. Drākṣā (द्राक्षा) refers to “grapes”, mentioned in verse 3.34 of the Aṣṭāṅgahṛdayasaṃhitā (Sūtrasthāna) by Vāgbhaṭa.—Accordingly, “[...] In groves in which the hot-rayed one is darkened by cloud-grazing huge Sal trees and Palmyra palms, (and which are) profuse in bunches of grapes [viz., drākṣā-stabaka] clinging to spring-flowers in a rest-house in which (are found) plenty of cloths besprinkled with fragrant cold water, [...]”. asaktaM = without attraction ayatiH = the unsuccessful transcendentalist arthanaipuNa = (n) efficient in polity aphala = one without fruit अनन्यचेताः = without deviation of the mind abhi = preposition iikshaNa = seeing araNyam.h = (n) jungle, forest akshayaM = unlimited ishhTa = of all desirable things api = also aavartaH = (m) whirlpool ardhachandraasana = the half-moon posture iirsha = jelousy The online hypertext Sanskrit dictionary is meant for spoken Sanskrit. ayajanta = third person plur. Add your comment or reference to a book if you want to contribute to this summary article. avyayasya = of the imperishable अध्यास = a case of mistaken identity asa.nshayaM = undoubtedly asaN^khyaH = (m) countless aanandamayaH = full of great happiness amala = without rubbish aasuriiM = atheistic aaratii = crying out of desperation for help, ritual 1) Drākṣā (द्राक्षा):—f. Haimom is the best resource for Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Modern. aaruuDhaani = being placed aayudhaM = weapons You can also click to the full overview containing English textual excerpts. अन्तरेण antareNa = without abda = Season of plenty aardra = wet aadityaH = the Adityas aagame = on the arrival aatmasa.nsthaM = placed in transcendence avaraM = abominable aasthitaaH = situated aachaarya = a religious teacher anyathaa = other aGYaanaM = nescience May 24, 2011 at 12:45 am. aSTau = (adj) eight asmaakaM = us Driven by hunger, a fox tried to reach some grapes hanging high on the vine but was unable to, although he leaped with all his strength. अनुद्विग्नमनाः = without being agitated in mind asha.nka = undaunted asatkR^itaH = dishonored aGYaanaaM = of the foolish अनुत्तमं = the finest itaraH = common अनुमतिः = (f) permission arbudarogaH = (m) cancer aparigrahaH = free from the feeling of possessiveness iikshate = (1 ap) to see, Manukulbridhu aatmaanaM = the mind asadR^ishhii = unfit अन्तर्देशीय antaradeshiiya = among different countries mainly for transaction?? amR^itabhujaH = those who have tasted such nectar asthipaJNjaram.h = (n) skeleton abrahmaNya = Not kosher avajaananti = deride annaM = (n) food avyaya = without deterioration अन्गमेजयत्व = unsteadiness of the body aapannaM = achieved akshara = Letter A grape, [Gītagovinda. aavR^ita = encircled aadarshaH = (m) ideal aaDhyaH = wealthy aGYaanena = by ignorance, aa = from अध्ययनैः = or Vedic study abhijita = A nakshatra between uttaraashhDhaa and shravaNa mainly centred on the star Vega. aharaagame = at the beginning of the day L. = Lit. alakshamaana = one who disregards aakaara = (masc) form, shape idR^ik.h = as it is अनुकरोति = (1 pp) to follow, to mimic, to ape, to emulate abhinaya = acting avaruuNaddhi = to obstruct indriyaaraamaH = satisfied in sense gratification ashlaaghya = adj. apratiikaaraM = without being resistant apekshaa = (f) expectation, hope apakR^i = to harm avagachchha = must know अनुस्मरन् anusmaran.h = remembering अनुशासितारम् = the controller अनुबन्धः = (m) result, effect अन्तरिक्ष antariksha = (n) space amR^itasya = of the immortal अनुपश्यन्ति = can see iirma = (m) arm ardhasarvaaN^gaasana = the half-shoulderstand posture indiraa = Goddess Lakshmi arhasi = deserve aakaashasthitaH = situated in the sky avasan.h = III pl. asheshheNa = in detail aasaM = exist avirodha = no opposition (अञ्जन) = anointment Lit. arjunayoH = and Arjuna ashushruushhave = to one who is not engaged in devotional service abhipravR^ittaH = being fully engaged अनात्मनः = of one who has failed to control the mind ime = these aashu = fast अनीश्वरं = with no controller ashhTottarii-dashaa = A lunar based Dasha system uses 108 yr cycle and one chooses it according to certain criteria wisdomlib - the greatest source of ancient and modern knowledge; Like what you read? aGYaana = ignorance It includes also the juice of grapes in ‘honey’ (madhu). अनिष्ट = and undesirable aachaaraH = behavior akshi = (n) eye indriyaiH = by the senses (अम्बा) = mother, माता asmitaa = egotism, self righteousness indriya = organ of sense or action aasuriishhu = demoniac aprameyasya = immeasurable अनुबन्धीनि = bound

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